Business Units

The company is divided into three key parts: business management, fund management and business development.

Business Management (BM)
In order to continuously upgrade the business, OpusAM requires strong business management expertise in areas like finance, operations, technology, risk management, legal and compliance. Strong BM provides operational efficiency and minimises the risks which may arise in doing business. This is also to ensure that the clients' portfolios are in compliance with investment mandates and regulatory guidelines at all time.

Fund Management (FM)
Fund Management comprises qualified fund managers and investment analysts whose responsibilities include credit analysis, company and market research, portfolio management and trading. FM is headed by a Chief Investment Officer (CIO) who reports to the Investment Committee. The CIO is supported by an experienced team of fund managers and investment analyst. FM is guided by a disciplined investment process which covers investment and credit analysis. Other functions of FM include marketing support and product development.

Business Development (BD)
Business Development functions include marketing, establishing distribution channels, product development, customer relationships and customer services. BD will be the main communication channel for existing and potential customers. Hence, BD is responsible for customer risk profiling and product recommendations to customers. BD is supported by FM in terms of market and investment information.